Boutique Hotel Stresa


  • Room size 60 m2 - 646 sqft

In the 'AMAZZONIA' Suite, the green-coloured atmosphere, reminiscent of the great equatorial forest, envelops the occupants in an atmosphere of wild nature, endless unknown paths, rivers and waterfalls. It is best suited for relaxing, reading and meditating, with a soft motorised bed inside the sauna with different programmes for massaging the body. The biosauna is set to a temperature of 60°C and a humidity of 60%, and the horizontal shower offers three different experimental programs with water hydromassage of the body, which, with complete relaxation and well-being, gives completely new sensations: tension melts away, daily stress goes away with the water, body and mind experience real regeneration. In the biosauna, the body is enveloped in soft warmth and light steam, scented with natural plant essences. The aromatic steam stimulates and cleanses the breath, giving a feeling of rebirth.

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  1. Up to 2 people
  2. Free Wifi